The BiBo

The BiBo is an Italian restaurant and pizzeria located on West 4th in Kitsilano. Angela from Food Punk and myself came here because we attended a not so fun event in the area that we left starving.

We decided to order a couple of items and split them. The first thing we got was the margherita pizza ($12), which they bake in their wood fire oven. I enjoy the simplicity of a margherita pizza and when done right, they are delicious. The sauce on the pizza tasted fresh and had a slightly sweet flavour. The crust was chewy and thin, but firm enough to not get soggy from the sauce and cheese. I thought the pizza was executed well and was tasty. The price is on par with most of the other Italian pizza places that are popping up around Vancouver.

The other dish we ordered was the gnocchi in tomato sauce ($16). This was my first time trying gnocchi so I don’t have anything to compare it to. The gnocchi were pillowy soft and had a slight chew to them. The sauce was a simple tomato sauce that was similar to the sauce on the pizza. There was also finely grated cheese all throughout the dish, which added creaminess to the pasta. The cheese was present and noticable, but it didn’t overwhelm or cover up the gnocchi. This dish was comforting and filling and I’m glad I experienced gnocchi.

We also ended up getting dessert and the tiramisu ($9) immediately caught our eyes. The tiramisu was served in a large portion that was almost double the size I was expecting. It was light and air and my spoon cut through it like butter. I enjoyed the prominent bold coffee flavour and the rich mascarpone cheese. We both loved the dessert and it was very satisfying.

Overall I enjoyed my dining experience at the BiBo and I devoured everything we ordered. After we visited the restaurant, I looked at it on Urbanspoon and I was surprised to see so many reviews bashing it. We experienced no problems with customer service and our food was tasty.


Yes, for a comforting Italian meal.

The BiBo on Urbanspoon



Categories: $$$ ($15-$25), Italian, Kitsilano, Vancouver


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