Lucky’s Doughnuts

Lucky’s Doughnuts is a brand new doughnut shop that just opened up this week. They are located inside of Forty Ninth Parallel coffee shop on Main Street. The inside of the cafe is cool, artsy, and very hipster. They sell a variety of special gourmet doughnuts that cost between $2-$3.50. If you are ordering a half dozen or a dozen, they will charge you for each individual doughnut and then take 18% off of your total because the doughnuts are different prices.

The moment I saw the bacon apple fritter I knew I had to have it. The apple fritter was thick, dense and chewy. It had a sweet moist flavour embedded in the dough from the chunks of apples and the doughnut was covered with a thick glaze. The best part were the bits of bacon sprinkled on top and mixed inside the batter. The bacon added a sweet smokey flavour and a chewy texture to the outside of the doughnut. To anyone who thinks bacon doesn’t belong on a doughnut, don’t knock it til you try it, because it is delicious.

The second doughnut I got was the mango doughnut. I didn’t know where the mango flavoured was incorporated when I first saw it because from the outside it just looked like a glazed doughnut with no filling. After my first bite I noticed there was a whole layer of a thick mango custard around the whole square of the doughnut. I thought this was ingenious because the filling isn’t only concentrated in the middle and you get a squirt of mango with every bite. The mango filling was bright and tasty and the yeast doughnut was light as air. The glaze on the outside adds some sweetness and makes it a gooey moist mess. I also loved this doughnut and I don’t think I can pick a favourite.

Overall I was blown away by Lucky’s Doughnuts. The ones I had were decadent and delicious and I appreciated how they had new unique flavours but still carried the old school classics. If this location was more convenient for me to get to I would be here all the time  (much to the dismay of my wallet and waist).


Yes, for delicious gourmet doughnuts.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Bakery, Cafe, Dessert, Vancouver


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