Street Meet

Street Meet is a new Mediterranean food cart located on Burrard and Pender and they use local and sustainable food for all of their menu items. Their menu has two separate sections for street bites, which are smaller snack or appetizer portions and street feasts, which are full meals. My original plans for lunch at other food cart didn’t work out so I ended up here, but I’m sure glad I did.

I ordered two street bites for my lunch. The first item I ordered were the crispy risotto balls ($5). These come on a bed of mixed greens, which I thought was a nice touch because it makes the dish feel more complete. The risotto balls had a flakey, crispy batter on the outside that added a wonderful crunchy texture to the dish. The inside of the risotto balls were creamy and stuffed full of rich filling. The menu said that there was braised pork in the dish, although I didn’t find it stood out. The dish was topped off with a basil and truffle aioli that was fresh and flavourful. These were very satisfying and quite filling.

I also ordered the slow roasted pork belly bites ($7), which also came on top of greens. There was a substantial amount of pork bites and they were all smothered with a “agro dolce sauce”, which is an Italian sweet and sour sauce. Everything about this dish was perfect. The pork belly was so succulent, tender, and full of fatty flavour. These little bites were like eating pork butter. I’m not sure exactly what the sauce is made of but it had a very pleasant flavour with a subtle sweetness and a bit of tang. I inhaled this dish and I would highly recommend it.

I’m very happy I stumbled upon Street Meet because it’s one of the better lunches I’ve had in a while. Some of the items on the menu can get a bit pricy for street food, but the quality is definitely there so I don’t mind paying for it. The other menu items sound quite good, but if I came back here, I would probably order the same thing because both of the dishes were delicious.


Yes, for mouth-watering Mediterranean eats.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), $$ ($10-$15), Downtown, Food Cart, Mediterranean, Vancouver


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