Miku Restaurant is an upscale Japanese restaurant on Hastings that specialized in aburi (or flame torched) sushi. For my birthday, my parents brought me here for lunch. The inside of the restaurant is modern and minimalistic. When you walk inside the door you are greeted very warmly (and loudly) by all of the workers.

To drink we got a green tea and a jasmine tea. Tea isn’t complimentary here and it costs a few dollars for a pot. Both of the teas were aromatic and lovely.

The assorted tempura ($10) dish came with tempura asparagus, mushroom, squash, and two prawns. I liked how they had different vegetables than what most Japanese restaurants serve. The batter was crisp and light and we were served with three flavoured salts to dip them in. The first was garlic salt, the one in the middle was a seven spice salt, and the one on the right was a matcha salt. The salts all had their own distinct flavour and it’s a unique concept.

Miso soup came with one of the dishes we ordered. The dark black bowl it was served in made it look like you were drinking a creamy cloud. There was seaweed and large chunks of tofu in the miso soup. This miso soup was good, but there isn’t much variation between miso soup from different restaurants.

The chicken nanban ($14) came with large boneless chunks of chicken topped with a creamy tartar sauce and served with a side of cabbage slaw. The chicken was very juicy and the tartar sauce added an interesting flavour to the dish. It was light and tangy and it isn’t a flavour that normally goes with Japanese deep-fried chicken, but it worked. The batter on the chicken wasn’t too heavy or thick.

A dish that I was told I must order here was the aburi salmon oshi sushi ($14). This dish has layers of salmon and rice pressed together and topped with a special sauce, jalapeños, and then torched. This is one of the most delicious Japanese dishes I’ve ever eaten. These cubes just melt in your mouth. The salmon is so thin and smooth it’s like butter and the rice was light and fluffy. The sauce had a hint of sweetness and there was a bit of spice from the jalapeño. This dish was perfection and it really is a must have if you come here.

We also ordered the premium select platter ($26), which comes with an assortment of aburi sushi and rolls. Starting from the top left was more of aburi salmon oshi, aburi saba oshi, and the red wave roll. The aburi saba oshi was also delicate and flavourful, but the salmon was still my favourite. The red wave roll was made with snow crab and avocado, wrapped in maguro and topped with masatake sauce. I loved this roll and it was my second favourite item. It was so fresh and the flavours really popped. I’d order a whole roll of this if I came back.

On the bottom is an assortment of sushi containing tuna, aburi ebi oshi, eel, scallop, salmon, and one other I can’t remember. All of these items were incredibly fresh and tasty. I liked how they all had their own special sauces, which highlighted the flavours of the fish and gave them all a unique twist.

We weren’t originally planning on getting dessert, but our waitress talked us into it and I am sure glad she did. We ordered the green tea opera ($10), which is a green tea sponge infused with espresso and frangelico liqueur, green tea butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, azuki bean cream, with green tea sauce and green tea ice cream. I loved the beautiful bright green colour of the dish and this dessert tasted as good as it looked. Every bite was pure heaven. I enjoyed the crunch that bottom layer of the cake added and the smooth creamy layers throughout the dish. This dish had strong coffee and green tea flavours, which may sound like a weird combination but they went well together. I would highly recommend this dessert.

The other dessert we ordered was the coconut blueberry cream ($10). This dessert was a coconut cream tart topped with blueberry & blackberry compote, mint glaze, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, with a side of  blueberry lavender sorbet and sour cream chantilly sauce. This dessert was also a work of art and it was incredible to look at. This dish had a nice balance of sweet from the coconut and tart from the berries and the sorbet had a refreshing taste.

Overall we had a great experience at Miku. Every dish we were presented with was amazing to look at and had outstanding flavour. I appreciated the creative aspect of many of the dishes and how they do something different. The dishes are quite pricey, but this is a great place for a special occasion.


Yes, for beautiful and delicious food.

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4 Comments on “Miku”

  1. Lisa
    June 4, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    Hi there! I enjoyed your article very much, but I have to say I totally disagree with your comment about Miso Soup — ” This miso soup was good, but there isn’t much variation between miso soup from different restaurants.” The variation of miso and the dashi broth is extemely important in Japanese cuisine. To say most miso soups taste the same in Japanese restaurants is very erronenous. Subtle complexities of Japanese cuisine is what makes it so difficult to master. Thank you.


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