EAT! Vancouver Festival

The EAT! Vancouver festival is being held this weekend and today is the last day to attend. I visited the festival yesterday in order to sample the food. There are many product vendors that provide samples of their food to try. In addition to those, there are the “Bite of Vancouver” booths where you can purchase larger food samples with tickets. I got all of the following food with $10 worth of tickets.

The first vendor I went to was the Bella Gelateria cart that was serving up three types of gelato.

For six tickets I got a cup of lemon sorbetto. Bella Gelateria never disappoints and I thoroughly enjoyed this. The lemon flavour was fresh, tart, and slightly sweet and it reminded me of a high quality frozen lemonade. You could even see little specks of lemon throughout the gelato. This was refreshing and clean tasting.

Next I went to Maurya Indian Cuisine because it smelled delicious. They had samosas and a few curry dishes.

For four tickets I got the chana masala, which is a chick pea curry on top of rice. For the portion size I feel like four tickets is a good deal. There were smaller portions of other items going for double the ticket cost. The rice was light and fluffy and seasoned nicely. The chick pea curry was hearty and spicy, but I wish the spices had a bit more depth of flavour. This dish wasn’t amazing but it did fill me up.

I also went to the Ebo Restaurant stand where they were serving mini lamb burgers and chicken skewers.

For eight tickets I got the chicken skewer and roti. This dish was beautifully presented and it smelled amazing. The chicken skewer was on the small side but it was moist with nice charring on the outside. The roti was delicious. It was flakey, buttery, and piping hot. The curry sauce that it came with to dip went with it really well and it had a sweet but spicy curry flavour. This dish was my favourite thing I ate all day and I would highly recommend trying it.

I had two tickets left so on my way out the door I stopped at the Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro stand. Compared to some of the other stands, the portions here seemed to be quite small.

Since I had two tickets left, I used them to get the pickled salmon. The salmon was very moist and it had a mild subtle pickled flavour. It was like salmon sashimi with an essence of vinegar. I liked the salmon, but it was small and nothing to write home about.

Overall I found the food at EAT! Vancouver to be hit and miss. There were some great items, but I wish they had more restaurants participating in the Bite of Vancouver section. The whole event can get quite pricey after admission, food and any products you may want to buy. I’m glad I checked out the event, but there’s not enough that would make me want to go back.



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