Kamei Royale

I was recently invited by Vaneats.ca to try out one of their upcoming dining packages called “Kamei Kiss” at Kamei Royale restaurant.

Kamei Royale is located downtown on West Georgia and Burrard. The inside of the restaurant is large and they have private tables beside the windows. The decor is upscale traditional Japanese and servers were very friendly.

The first dish served was the Crab Salad appetizer. It comes colourfully presented in a martini glass. Inside the glass there is a mixture of greens, avocado, mango, tobiko, and real crab. I loved the sweet meaty flavour the crab brought to the dish and all of the ingredients together were fresh and bright tasting. The avocados and mangos were both perfectly ripened. This dish was light, but so full of flavour and it’s a great way to start a meal.

Next up was the healthy agedashi tofu. The tofu was lightly battered in a crispy tempura batter and served on a bed of sauce. It was topped with kinpira (Japanese sautéed carrots and lotus root), nameko mushrooms, and edamame beans. I’ve never had nameko mushrooms before and I thought they were tasty and adorable. I’m not a big tofu eater, but I liked all the additional toppings that come on this dish. They make it more interesting and add new flavours and textures so I enjoyed it.

The next dish was the oda roll, which they bring to your table and torch right in front of you. This roll is packed with tons of stuff. Inside there is salmon, cucumber, avocado and mango and on top there is tempura fresh water eel and cream cheese. One of my sushi pet peeves is when rolls are too big and become awkward to eat in one bite. Despite being full of many things, this roll was nicely packaged and was the perfect bite size. The oda roll also delivered in taste and it was delicious. I enjoyed the crunch that the tempura eel added and all the ingredients inside the roll were fresh and full of flavour. The torched cream cheese on top was heavenly. It got a bit charred and warm from the torch and it added a rich creaminess to the whole roll.

For dessert, the package comes with ice vanilla cream tempura topped with drizzled chocolate, powdered sugar, and a cherry. This dish had simple classic ice cream sundae flavours but with a deep-fried twist. I liked the contrast of the warm crunchy batter and the smooth cool ice cream. This dessert is rich and sweet and a good way to end off the package.

I had a wonderful time at Kamei Royale and all of the dishes were flavourful and unique. I was impressed by the atmosphere, the service, and the food and I will return here if I’m in the area looking for Japanese food. The Kamei Kiss package by Vaneats goes on sale at 7am on May 30, 2012. There are 30 passes available at this time and they cost $19. You can purchase the dining passes through their website.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.


Yes, for delicious and unique Japanese food.

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