Austin Fish and Chips

For dinner one night, my family decided to get takeout from Austin Fish and Chips. There are three Austin Fish and Chips restaurants located in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam. This is our favourite fish and chips place in the area and they have decent value compared to others.

The package we ordered came with a side of coleslaw. The coleslaw was creamy and refreshing and helped cut through all the greasy fish and chips.

We also got a large container of tartar sauce for dipping. This sauce was creamy but quite mild and it didn’t have tons of flavour.

With our package we got a large box of fries. Unfortunately when doing take out, fries don’t hold up that well. The portion was massive but I wish that these fries were a more crisp. Some of the bigger ones were too soggy.

For the fish we got ten pieces of halibut. The fish was good quality and the pieces were large. I’m not crazy about most English style fish and chip batter because I find it overly doughy, but the batter here is tasty. They get it crisp enough and it isn’t too thick so it cooks all the way through.

Austin Fish and Chips has the best fish and chips in the area. The fries could be better, but the seafood is tasty. They have lunch specials and single combos as well, so it’s not just family style dining.


Yes, for tasty fried fish.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), $$$ ($15-$25), Maple Ridge, Seafood


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