Electra Pizza

There is a pizza place in Maple Ridge called Electra Pizza that has been around for years. They moved into a new building recently and the inside of the restaurant is clean and nicer than I was expecting it to be. They are also one of the few restaurants in Maple Ridge that are open past midnight on a regular basis. Knowlton and I had a coupon for this place so we decided to go and try it for dinner.

Since they specialize in pizza, we ordered a large bacon, mushroom, pepperoni pizza ($18). The crust was nice and crispy but I noticed there was no pepperoni on top. They put the pepperoni under the cheese, which made the pizza super soggy and impossible to lift up without it collapsing. I prefer crisp pepperoni and this pizza just didn’t do it for me.

We also got a chicken strips and fries appetizer to share. The fries are similar to Red Robin style fries, which I actually didn’t mind because they are thick and heartier than a normal sized fry. The chicken strips were came out hot and they tasted alright but they weren’t anything too special.

I wanted to like Electra Pizza because the servers were nice and I’m always rooting for small local restaurants, but I wouldn’t come back. Their style of pizza is not for me. However, I brought the rest of the pizza home and my dad and brothers loved it. I guess it depends what style of pizza you prefer. If you like thick American style pizza with lots of toppings, you may enjoy it, but don’t come here looking for an authentic thin style pizza. The pizza was also pretty expensive for what you get.


No, their pizza is too soggy and expensive.

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Categories: $$$ ($15-$25), Maple Ridge, Pizza


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