Fairmont High Tea

A few weeks ago, there was a $38 two for one daily deal for tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, so my mom and I decided to purchase it and go for tea. The tea is held in the south side of the 900 West lounge and it has a classy and upscale environment. We were seated in comfy high back sitting chairs.

I loved the crown design on the cups and plates. For my tea I chose a green tea called Kyoto cherry rose. This tea had a fragrant cherry flavour and floral notes from the rose. It was subtly sweet and it was a good tea to go along with bite sized desserts.

The package comes with a tier of sandwiches and treats to share. On the bottom there are cucumber sandwiches, a baguette with curry chicken salad, smoked salmon pinwheels, and a ham and brie croissant. The ham and brie croissant was rich and warm and had dijon mustard on it. The cucumber sandwich had thinly sliced cucumbers and minted cream cheese but the bread was hard and I didn’t notice the mint flavour. The mango curry chicken salad was a strange unappetizing blended consistency that looked like mystery meat. I prefer chunky style chicken salad and I didn’t notice any mango flavour. The salmon pinwheels were my favourite savory snack of the day and these had a fresh dill flavour.

For the sweet tier on top, we were served four warm raisin scones with Devonshire cream and strawberry jam, chocolate raspberry cupcakes, fresh sliced strawberries, mini lemon meringue pies, and chocolate dipped eclairs. The warmed scones were flakey and delicious when loaded up with Devonshire cream and jam. The chocolate raspberry cupcake was quite sweet and dense but the cake retained its moisture. The eclair reminded me of a long skinny cream puff and it was served chilled. The mini lemon meringue pies were my favourite dessert because of their sweet but tart flavour and the buttery crust. The fresh strawberries were a disappointment because they tasted strongly like fresh red peppers. I guess someone in the back cut them up using the same equipment that they used for cutting peppers. When you are paying this much money for tea, they should be more careful about the items that go out to customers.

Overall the tea was fun for a novelty and okay if you have a coupon, but I would never pay full price for it. The snacks were hit and miss and they are definitely not worth paying $38 per person to have. My mom and I both agreed that they were hardly worth paying for at half price. At a fancy restaurant, I expect that they have better quality food and that they don’t serve stale bread and strawberries that taste like peppers.


No, the food and atmosphere aren’t worth the outrageous price.

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