Thierry Macarons

I’ve visited Thierry a few times before and I recently returned while I was in the area to pick up a box of macarons for myself. They cost around $13 for seven of them, so the price is similar to most other macaron places. I love pretty packaging and I appreciated the adorable box they come in.

Starting from the left, I had lime, pistachio, lychee, vanilla, lemon, pink praline, and chocolate caramel. I like the tart citrus flavour that the lime and the lemon macarons had and you could really taste the flavour with both of them. The pistachio macaron was very mild and I could hardly taste any pistachio, so I wouldn’t order this one again. The vanilla and chocolate caramel were both good and had a pleasant taste, but they were nothing too exciting. My favourite two flavours were the lychee and the pink praline. The lychee was unique and had a distinct fresh, sweet, and tart flavour. I wasn’t expecting the pink praline to be one of my favourites, but I loved it. It had a sweet nutty flavour and it was the perfect little cookie.

Overall I enjoyed my box of macarons and I polished them off pretty quickly. I find the macarons at Thierry to be larger than many other places, which makes me feel slightly better about spending so much money on them. The macaron flavours change all the time but if you are planning to visit soon I would recommend the lychee and pink praline.


Yes, for addictive macarons.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Cafe, Dessert, Downtown, Vancouver


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