Halu Sushi

While I was out running errands I needed lunch, so I stopped into Halu Sushi to give it a try. Halu Sushi has been around for a while but it isn’t one of the sushi places that I normally frequent. The inside has an inviting ambiance and they have some nice booths for larger parties.

I ordered the beef teriyaki bento box with the california rolls. The california roll is quite small and only came with four pieces. Most other sushi places around give you a full six piece roll so this was a bit disappointing. The roll tasted fine but it wasn’t special enough to make me overlook the size.

I normally order chicken teriyaki but this time I went with beef. The beef was thinly sliced, juicy, and covered in a sweet teriyaki sauce. The beef was the best part of the meal. The tempura was also good and it had a nice crispy batter. The salad was pretty boring, as are most bento box salads.

Overall the bento box was alright and it satisfied my Japanese craving. I find that the portion sizes here are a bit smaller than most other restaurants but the food isn’t better to make up for it. I did enjoy the beef teriyaki, but I don’t think I would give up my regular sushi spots to come here. The food isn’t bad and if you are in the area it will do the trick, but there are better sushi places to be found in Maple Ridge.


No, the food is okay but portions are small and there is better sushi in the area.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Japanese, Maple Ridge, Sushi


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