Oh My SalaThai Dining Package

I was recently invited by Vaneats.ca to try out one of their upcoming dining packages called “Oh My SalaThai.” SalaThai is a Thai restaurant located on Burrard and Smithe and it has a loyal local following. The restaurant is always packed full of people and it is quite big inside and ideal for large parties.

I started out the meal by ordering a Thai iced tea ($3.99) to drink. Drinks are not included in the dining package and you have to purchase them separately. The drink is made with Thai tea that is topped with cream over ice. This doesn’t taste like typical iced tea so don’t order it expecting that, but I enjoyed it. I liked how it was creamy and it had a mild sweetness to it.

We didn’t know how large the package was going to be, so we purchased an extra noodle dish that is not included in the package. We got the spicy drunken noodles that are stir-fried flat rice noodles with jalapeño, sweet basil leaves, onions, peppers, and slices of pork ($11.99). I originally wasn’t planning on putting the extra dish in my review but these noodles were so good that I had to. The noodles had a smokey flavour to them from the stir-fry and the sauce on them was spicy but there was a bit of sweetness to it from the basil. If you want to order an extra dish to go along with the package I’d highly recommend these noodles.

The package begins with a beautiful looking appetizer trio. Starting from the left is the som tom, which is a green papaya salad. The salad was also topped with tomatoes, green bean, and ground peanuts and covered in a lime and fresh chili juice. The green papaya was shredded in thin slices and not sweet at all. It sort of reminded me of coleslaw. The salad was light and refreshing and actually quite spicy due to the fresh chilies.

In the middle is the Thai crispy squid that was covered in a light crispy beer batter and topped with some herbs and spices. I was impressed by this dish because I wasn’t expecting great squid from a Thai restaurant. The batter was perfect and the pieces of squid had a pleasant texture to them. This was better than many calamari dishes I’ve had at other restaurants.

On the right side is the gai hor bai toey, which is a piece of chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves. When you unwrap the leaves, there is a juicy little piece of chicken inside that is covered in a special sauce. This chicken had a similar taste to a teriyaki chicken and it was tender and moist.

The first main dish that came out was the royal pad thai chao wang. This was topped with shrimp, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, cilantro, and ground peanuts with a slice of lime on the side. The noodles were perfectly chewy and didn’t clump together. The shrimp were plump and fresh and all of the flavours of the dish came together well. This was the best pad thai that I’ve ever had.

The other main dish was the gaeng keaw whan which is a green coconut chicken curry. It was filled with bamboo shoots, eggplant, peppers, and sweet basil leaves. The curry broth was flavourful and rich from the coconut milk and there was lots of big chunks of chicken and eggplant in it. The curry also came with a side of rice and a side of plain noodles. The rice was great to soak up all of the sauce but I found the noodles to be a little soggy.

Lastly, the package ends off with a dessert called klauy tod, which is a deep fried banana with home made coconut ice cream. The banana is in a crispy batter and warm and gooey on the side. The coconut ice cream was smooth and refreshing and balanced the deep fried banana well.

Overall I really enjoyed this dining package. It’s a great deal and two people could easily share it because it comes with a lot of food. Everything tasted delicious and there was a variety of different items so you to get a good taste of the menu.

The package goes on sale on April 18 at 7:00am for $18. You can purchase it online at Vaneats.ca. There are a limited number of passes available and they normally sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate if you want to buy it.


Yes, for tasty Thai food.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the dining package.

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