Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge

Vancouver Foodster has put together a poutine challenge that is taking place at many different restaurants around Vancouver. There are a total of 29 restaurants participating in the challenge and they are serving everything from traditional poutine to poutine grilled cheese sandwiches and Thai inspired poutine. Some poutine is available on regular menus and others were created specifically for this challenge.

The poutine dishes will be available at the restaurants from Aprill 11 until April 30. Between April 30 and May 6 you will be able to vote on your favourite poutine. For a complete list of each poutine in the competition visit Vancouver Foodster website.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Foodster



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One Comment on “Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge”

  1. holly
    April 12, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    This sounds awesome. I wish I could try them all, however, due to limited budget and my dislike of pay parking, I think I will only try the Crab King in Steveston. For the price of $8.95 and real crab with poutine, I just can”t say no.

    Know if only the weather would cooperatve so that I could enjoy my poutine under the sunshine.

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