Bao Chau

I had been having a pho craving for a while and I heard that Bao Chau on Hastings had some good pho, so me and my friend Melissa headed there one night for dinner. The inside was packed with people, which I took to be a good sign.

To start we ordered a shrimp salad roll ($5.50) to share. I was pleasantly surprised at how large it was because I was just expecting one roll. These were filled up with shrimp, lettuce, noodles, and bean sprouts. I wish there was fewer bean sprouts in them but that’s just a personal preference. The peanut sauce was delicious and slightly sweet. I’m glad they give it to you in two little bowls so I could double dip to my heart’s content.

We both ordered the rare beef pho. I got the large size ($6.50) since it was only $0.50 more than the regular size. There was a generous amount of thinly sliced tender beef on top of the noodles. There were lots of chewy noodles in the bowl and I could hardly finish it. The soup broth was had a rich beef flavour and the green onions, white onions, and cilantro also added their flavour to the broth.

Overall, the food here was tasty and my pho craving was completely satisfied. This was one of the better bowls of pho I’ve had in my life. The prices are very affordable and the portions are large. The only complaint I have is that only accept cash and we didn’t know this until after our meal because we came in the back door where there were no signs about it.


They only take cash.


Yes, for yummy and cheap pho.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Grandview/Hastings, Vancouver, Vietnamese


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