On our last day in Hawaii we returned to Roy’s for lunch. Their lunch menu is pricy, but it is much cheaper than their dinner menu, so if you want to try Roy’s without spending too much, go for lunch.

The Bento

I ordered The Bento ($23) for lunch which came with chicken teriyaki on rice, assorted tempura, sashimi, and yakisoba. The chicken teriyaki was a large juicy  chicken thigh and it was covered in a nori topping. The rice under it soaked up the extra yummy sauce. The yakisoba noodles were cooked perfectly and had a mild soy flavouring and they were mixed with some veggies. I liked the subtle flavour of the noodles. The tempura was extra crispy and there was a good assortment of shrimp, asparagus, squash, zucchini, and sweet potato. All of the veggies were full cooked and I loved the tempura asparagus. Lastly there was the ahi sashimi. The fish was fresh, buttery, and delicious.

Overall this was a very satisfying lunch. It was one of the more expensive lunch items on the menu and I don’t know if it was completely worth the price but the food was all great and high quality. There was a good assortment of items and it’s a lot of food so you will definitely be full after.


Yes, for a nice Hawaiian lunch.

Roy's (Ko 'Olina) on Urbanspoon


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