De Dutch

Several months ago, De Dutch opened up a restaurant in Maple Ridge but I never got around to trying it until recently. I received a 25% off coupon from Facebook and it was about to expire, so Knowlton and I went to try it out one Sunday morning.

Hash Pannekoek

I always end up getting the same thing when I go to De Dutch and this time was no different. I went with my usual, the hash pannekoek ($12.50). The hash is made up of hash browns, mushrooms, onions, cheddar, peppers, your choice of meat, and hollandaise sauce. I substituted peppers for corn and the meat I chose was the debakon. I’m a hollandaise fanatic so I like how the hollandaise poured on top of everything makes it rich and creamy. I normally get sausage but I’m glad I tried the debakon this time. It was flavourful and juicy and I think this is my new favourite. I’m not a huge fan of normal pancakes because I find them too doughy, but I love the pannekoek they make here. It’s like a cross between a crepe and a pancake and it gets a little crispy on the outside and despite being thin, it’s surprisingly filling.

Gentle John Burger and Fries

Knowlton saw burgers on the menu and had to try one. He got the Gentle John ($10.50) which is a burger that comes topped with debakon, edam cheese, a fried egg, pickles, and special sauce. He chose fries for the side but they also have kettle chips. Neither of us had high expectations for a burger from a breakfast place, but Knowlton was pleasantly surprised by it and he said it exceeded his expectations. The burger was a good size and it is pretty affordable for being topped with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. The fries were hot and crispy and had bits of the skin still on them.

Both of us enjoyed our meal and we were impressed with De Dutch. They have a solid selection of breakfast and lunch items, but I would recommend a pannekoek since that’s what they specialize in.


They are only open for breakfast and lunch.


Yes, for a casual good breakfast.

De Dutch Pannekoek House on Urbanspoon


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