Off the Hook

At Aulani there is a pool side bar called Off the Hook that serves tropical drinks, beer, and wine and appetizers after 5pm. The bar has a few seats inside and a bunch of patio tables close to the pool.


The drink I ordered was called Liliko’i-lada and was made with Myer’s original dark rum blended with cream of coconut and pineapple and lilikoi juices. This drink was rich and creamy and had a great tropical flavour to it. I love fruity tropical drinks so this was right up my alley.

Cheese Plate

For our first appetizer we ordered a cheese plate. I don’t normally order cheese plates in restaurants but we wanted to try something different. The plate came with a brie, a goat, a blue, and one more cheese that I think was a gouda. I liked all of the cheeses and they all had their own unique flavours and textures. On the plate there were lots of crackers, grapes, strawberries, almonds, and a fruit jelly. All of the cheeses were creamy and satisfying and there was a surprising amount of food on the plate.

Kobe Beef Sliders

Next up were the kobe beef sliders.These came on Hawaiian sweet rolls and were served with a side of creamy garlic mayo. These little burger patties were juicy and flavourful and they were topped with a tomato and grilled onions. The sweet rolls added a unique Hawaiian spin to them and they were perfect burger buns. However at $15 these sliders were pretty expensive.

Peking Duck Flatbread

The last appetizer was the peking duck flatbread. This was topped with duck, cheese, hoisin sauce, green onion, and chinese parsley. The flatbread was crispy and all of the toppings were delicious. The duck was moist and there was lots of all over the flatbread. The hoisin sauce was a bit sweet but there was also a spicy sauce drizzled on it and I liked the contrasting flavours. The onions and herbs added a fresh flavour. This was definitely my favourite appetizer of the evening.

Overall I enjoyed the atmosphere and food at Off the Hook. It is relaxing and casual but still nice and they have lots of unique and yummy tropical drinks. The appetizers are a bit expensive but you are paying for the atmosphere and it’s a fun place to go to hang out and watch the sunset.


Yes, for tropical Hawaiian drinks and some appies.

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Categories: $$$ ($15-$25), Bar, Hawaii, Oahu


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