The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon in Vancouver has gained a lot of publicity because it was recently featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I’ve been wanting to come here for months because I love diners and greasy diner food. So when I finally got a chance to come here after school with my friends, Melissa and Jason, I was very excited.

I knew before coming here that I was either going to get their famous pulled pork pancakes or the pork belly sandwich. I was in more of a savoury lunch mood, so I went with the crispy pork belly sandwich ($11). The sandwich is like a spin on a Vietnamese banh mi sub but with pork belly as the meat. The bread was toasted just enough so that it didn’t become soggy. The pork belly was definitely the star of the show. It was crisp on the outside, but melt in your mouth juicy and fatty on the inside. The pickled vegetables, jalapeno, and cilantro contrasted the greasy pork and added a nice fresh crunch to the sandwich. This sandwich was very satisfying and full of porky goodness, but it’s very heavy. House made chips come as a side along with the sandwich and they are super thin. They are also a bit greasy like the rest of the meal, so don’t order this if you are looking for a light lunch.

Jason ordered the burger and added cheddar cheese and pulled pork. I had a piece of the burger and it was delicious. The beef patty was great and the pulled pork on top took it to another level. I liked the BBQ sauce they used on the pulled pork because it added some spice and flavour to the burger. The fries on the side were good basic diner style fries.

Melissa ordered the smoked short rib and brie sandwich. The sandwich came topped with sherried onions and arugula and came with a side of chips. I also had a bite of this sandwich and enjoyed it. The beef short ribs were juicy and sliced thin and piled high on the bun. Everything in the sandwich was smothered with melted brie which made it rich and creamy.

We all had an excellent experience at The Red Wagon. I was a little scared that Red Wagon wouldn’t live up to all the hype, but it did. Everyone enjoyed their food and we are all excited to return to try more items on the menu (like the pulled pork pancakes).


Yes, for great greasy diner food with a unique twist.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Diner, Grandview/Hastings, Vancouver


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One Comment on “The Red Wagon”

  1. holly
    March 11, 2012 at 7:16 am #

    Their pulled pork pancakes are also nice. A bit much for breakfast, but good for brunch.

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