Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is a revolving sushi bar restaurant located in Kapolei. We had driven by this location a couple of times on the way to our hotel and one evening, my dad and I came here for dinner. They have a number of locations all around O’ahu. There are a bunch of revolving sushi bars around O’ahu and since I’ve never been to one before, I was excited to try one.

Genki Sushi

The inside is bright and casual and the revolving bar wraps all around the restaurant. I also love their cute logo that is all over the store. Before each dish they have a name tag and the price so you know what you are eating.

Tempura Roll

The first thing that caught our attention was the spicy tempura roll. I actually don’t remember what kind of tempura it was filled with, but it was crispy and topped off with spicy tuna and a sweet teriyaki like sauce. I liked this roll because I have a weakness for sushi that is drizzled in a good sauce.


The gyoza were deep-fried and crispy on the outside. They were served with a sweet and sour dip. The filling in these tasted yummy but they were a bit soggy by the time we pulled them off the conveyor belt. These were okay but not great.

Spring Bean Tempura

The spring bean tempura was on top of a ball of rice and wrapped in seaweed and drizzled with a creamy mayo sauce. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night. The beans were really crunchy and I liked the creaminess the sauce added.

Poke Bowl

The poke bowl was filled with rice and topped with a tuna poke mix. I liked the tuna but there was a strange spice in it that I didn’t care for. I don’t think I would order this again.

Seared Spicy Ahi

The seared spicy ahi was another favourite dish of the night. The ahi was lightly seared and fresh tasting and topped with a delicious spicy sauce. I would highly recommend getting this dish if you can handle a little spice.

Volcano Roll

The volcano roll I believe was just a California roll topped with their spicy tuna. We kept taking dishes containing spicy tuna because it is excellent here. This roll is also topped with the sweet teriyaki like sauce and masago. This roll is one of the more expensive dishes on the menu but we enjoyed it and its worth trying.

Salmon Skin Roll

The salmon skin roll was stuffed full of bbq salmon skin which gave it a crunchy texture. This roll was a bit plain compared to the other rolls, but it tasted good and had a satisfying smokey flavour.

Spicy Tuna Roll

The spicy tuna roll was filled with cucumber and chunks of spicy tuna. There was a spicy powder dusted all over the top of the roll. This roll was actually quite spicy from the addition of the spicy powder. I thought the spicy powder overwhelmed the flavour of the tuna.

Chicken Karaage

The last dish we got was the chicken karaage. They were made with juicy boneless thigh meat and the batter was extra crispy. We got these right after they put them on the belt so they were still hot and fresh. I would recommend grabbing this plate if you get it right after its put on the plates.

Overall I had a great time at Genki Sushi. The food was good, everything tasted fresh, and they had some unique items I haven’t had at other sushi places. If you go here I recommend trying the ahi products since Hawaii is known for their fresh ahi. The revolving sushi bar was a really fun experience and I’m glad I finally got to try one.


Yes, for a fun and tasty revolving sushi bar experience.

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