There are many Fatburger locations around the Lower Mainland, but I haven’t been to one for years. I bought a Groupon for Fatburger a couple of weeks ago, so Knowlton and I decided to hit up the one in Langley for lunch. The inside of this location was large and it was super busy on a Saturday afternoon. I found the menu a bit confusing to read. They had different burger sizes and combos everywhere and there was no clear flow.

Oreo Milkshake

Since we had $25 to spend we both ordered one of the advertised combos, which was a double bacon cheeseburger ($9.99) served with skinny fries and a pop. We both opted to upgrade our pops to milkshakes. I got an Oreo milkshake and Knowlton got a java chip flavoured one. In hindsight we shouldn’t have ordered two milkshakes because they were really heavy and we could have easily shared one. The milkshake had a thick creamy consistency and a strong Oreo flavour, but I don’t know if it was worth $5.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger With "Skinny" Fries

The combo said that it came with skinny fries and I remember previously coming to Fatburger and really enjoying the extra crispy skinny fries. The fries that we got were definitely not skinny fries. They were completely average sized fries, with no crispness and were just an all around disappointment. The double bacon cheeseburger had a lot of meat on it. The beef patties were pretty juicy and my burger had a good amount of crispy bacon but Knowlton found that his bacon was undercooked. The bun seemed a dry and stale and there was something lacking in the overall flavour of the burger. I think it needed a good sauce to give it some flavour.

Neither Knowlton or I were overly impressed with our meals here and we felt that there was something lacking in the meal. The burgers are a bit expensive for what you get and I would never come back here and pay regular price. I feel like there are better burger alternatives that have more flavour and/or are more affordable.


No, because the fries were boring and the burgers are a bit pricy and bland.

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