Papalua Shave Ice

At the Aulani resort, there is a little shave ice stand by the pool called Papalua. It costs $3.75 for a shave ice and you can put up to three different flavours on it.

Papalua Menu

They have a bunch of different flavours with everything from local fruity favourites to kid friendly root beer and strawberry.

Haupia and Li Hing Mui Shave Ice

For my first time, I chose li-hing-mui and haupia. Li-hing-mui is a salty dried plum and a local Hawaiian favourite. This flavour was very unique and yummy. It was sweet but also a bit tart and refreshing and tasted a bit like a strawberry. Haupia is a coconut milk flavour and it was mild, creamy and refreshing. The ice had a fluffy consistency and it wasn’t too hard or packed down.

Shave Ice

A couple of days later, I went back to try some more flavours. This time I got mango, lilikoi, and guava. I enjoyed each of these flavours individually and they all went well together. They tasted fruity and fresh and didn’t have an artificial fake sugary taste. If you are looking for a good tropical combination, I would suggest trying these three.

Overall I liked all of the flavours I tried and I would recommend coming here if you are at the resort or close by. It’s the perfect refreshing treat on a hot day and they have a bunch of tables by the pool where you can sit and enjoy your shave ice.


Yes, for a satisfying shave ice.

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