Macky’s Shrimp Truck

The north shore of Oahu is famous for their shrimp trucks. In one small town there are several food trucks all specializing in shrimp and they are quite competitive. I did some research and found many reviews saying Macky’s Shrimp Truck was the best so we decided to go there to eat some shrimp.


The side of the truck has a big shrimp on it and it is the first truck that you see when you enter the town of Haleiwa. The nice thing about this truck and some of the others is that they have tons of picnic tables set up beside it with easy ups over top so you have somewhere nice and shaded to eat.

Coconut Shrimp

We just ordered the shrimp on its own without the rice and salad because we were planning on eating a bit later and we just wanted a snack. We got 3/4 a pound of coconut shrimp and they came with a sweet chili sauce. These shrimp were so big and juicy and the coconut batter was crunchy and had a hint of sweet coconut flavour. The dip was also yummy and went well with these shrimp.

Garlic Butter Shrimp

We also order 3/4 pound of garlic butter shrimp. These shrimp were equally as big and juicy and they were loaded with garlic. These had a great flavour but I preferred the coconut shrimp because they were more unique and not something I can get anywhere.

Overall these shrimp were both satisfying and had great flavours. They were cooked perfectly and they tasted fresh. They aren’t super cheap and these cost us $15 for each 3/4 order and the individual meals with rice and salads are around $12 but they are worth trying if you like shrimp.


Yes, for delicious shrimp.

Macky's Kahuku Sweet Shrimp on Urbanspoon


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