Roy’s is a popular upscale Hawaiian chain restaurant that has many locations on the islands and around the States. We visited the one in Ko ‘Olina for dinner and it is located on a golf course.

View From Patio

This was our view from the patio. They also have indoor seating but the patio was much nicer.


When we sat down at the table we were served with a dish of complementary spicy edamame. I normally don’t find edamame very exciting but these were amazing. They were coated in a spicy salty seasoning and they were addictive. I couldn’t stop eating these and we ended up ordering another bowl.

Mai Tai

I ordered the Mount Ka Ala Mai Tai. The drink was made with Barcardi 151, Cruzan Rum, sweet and sour and pineapple lemon juice floated with whaler’s dark rum. The drink was quite strong but had a good amount of juice in it for me so it was still a bit sweet.

Appetizer Trio

For dinner they had a special prix fix menu for $41 but we had $10 off coupons that they let us use. The prix fix menu came with the appetizer trio to start. The trio came with a blackened island ahi, a chicken spring roll, and a Mongolian baby back rib. The blackened ahi was so fresh and tender and was covered in a blackened spice that complimented the tuna well. The short rib was covered with a sweet BBQ sauce and the meat was fall off the bone tender. The chicken spring roll was stuffed with big pieces of chicken and was crispy and hot and served with plum sauce. All of these appies were delicious and it was a great way to try a variety of items.

Macadamia Nut Crusted Shutome

For my main course I chose the macadamia nut crusted fish of the day which turned out to be shutome. Shutome is a Hawaiian sword fish. The fish is a white fish and was excellent. It was cooked medium which allowed it to stay moist. The macadamia nut crust added a crunchy texture to the outside and the fish melted in your mouth. The fish was served with a lobster essence sauce that was rich creamy and delicious. The fish was served on top of some potatoes and asparagus. The veggies were fine but there was nothing exceptional about them. I used them to soak up the extra yummy sauce. This is what I would consider my ideal dish and I have nothing bad to say about it.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

For dessert I chose the pineapple upside down cake. The cake came with a scoop of ice cream and a buttery caramel rum sauce. The cake itself was moist and dense and was covered with warm chunks of pineapple. The cake tasted even better after sponging up the sauce. The ice cream was just a vanilla ice cream and was nothing exciting.

Overall I had a great experience at Roy’s. It has been my favourite meal of the trip so far and the rest of my family also enjoyed their meals. If you come to Hawaii and are looking for an upscale dining experience this is the place to go.


Yes, for an upscale Hawaiian fusion dining experience.

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