SUIKA-TO-ME Dining Package

I was invited by to test out one of their upcoming dining packages called “SUIKA-TO-ME“. Suika is a modern Japanese itzakaya restaurant that has a variety of Japanese tapas and sushi and is located on West Broadway. I have been wanting to try Suika for a while so I was excited that I finally got the opportunity to go. The inside is really cool. It’s dark and contemporary and has a great vibe at night time.

Salmon Carpaccio

The package starts out with a beautiful looking appetizer of salmon carpaccio. The salmon carpaccio was sliced thin and served with sesame dressing, wasabi mayo and is topped with scallions and yuzu zest. The toppings added a fresh crunchy texture to the dish and the sauces were delicious. They had a hint of sweetness but were also tart and had a sesame flavour. The salmon tasted very fresh and soaked up all of the yummy sauces. I really enjoyed this appetizer and all of the flavour combinations that came with it.

Beef Filet Steak With Potato Wedges

The first main was the AAA beef filet steak which came out to the table sizzling hot. The steak was covered in a soy onion sauce and some crispy slices of garlic. The soy onion sauce was very tasty and was the perfect sauce for a steak. I love garlic so I also enjoyed the big chunks of crispy garlic with my steak. The steak was served medium and was tender and juicy. I was surprised to see potato wedges at a Japanese restaurant but they were executed well. They were thick and crispy and nicely seasoned. A creamy blue cheese dip was served with the wedge fries for dipping and it was so yummy I scraped out every last bit. I liked everything about this dish. The flavours were great and everything was cooked perfectly.

Tokyo Oxtail Ramen

The second main was the Tokyo oxtail ramen. The ramen was made with a soy broth and was filled with noodles, braised oxtail and topped with dried fish powder and scallions. The noodles were bouncy, slightly chewy, and everything a ramen noodle should be. The oxtail was tender and added a beef flavour to the dish however there wasn’t actually much meat there. Initially the fish powder was a bit too strong for my personal preference but as I ate the dish it mixed with the broth and became milder and less over powering. This was definitely the most unique ramen dish I’ve ever had and while it was good, it wasn’t my favourite dish of the night.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Lastly came dessert, which was a pumpkin creme brûlée. I was very excited about this dish because I love pumpkin desserts and pumpkin creme brûlée is something I’ve never seen done before. Sitting on top of the golden crunchy caramelized topping was a strawberry and some whipped cream. This dish was surprisingly refreshing and wasn’t overly sweet. The custard itself reminded me of a creamier version of pumpkin pie filling that had been chilled. The pumpkin brûlée was a nice way to end the meal and anyone who likes pumpkin pie would like this dish.

The SUIKA-TO-ME package is $18 and goes on sale on February 15th at 7am. The package can be purchased on the website. For $18 this package is an amazing deal because some of these dishes on their own are $15 and it is a great way to try a few different things on the menu. I enjoyed all of the food I was served and I would definitely come back to Suika again.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

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