This is the first review that will start off my Hawaiian mini series! On our first morning in Hawaii we went out for breakfast at ‘AMA’AMA. ‘AMA’AMA is a Hawaiian restaurant that is located in the Aulani resort we are staying in.


The name ‘AMA’AMA comes from a Hawaiian fish and they specialize in fresh fish on their dinner and lunch menus. This is the upscale restaurant in the resort and the prices are moderate to expensive.

'Ama'Ama View

The restaurant is located right near the beach and all of the seats have a beautiful ocean view. All of the walls are open so you can feel the warm tropical Hawaiian breeze.

POG Juice

One of my favourite Hawaiian specialties is POG juice, which stands for passionfruit, orange and guava. I ordered a glass here and it was refreshing. This version had a very orange taste but was still sweet from the guava and passionfruit.

Corned Beef Hash

I was originally planning on getting an eggs benny dish but they didn’t have the one I wanted on the menu so I ordered the corned beef hash with poached eggs and fried rice. I was actually happy that they didn’t have what I originally wanted because this dish was delicious. The eggs were light, fluffy, and poached perfectly. The corned beef hash was juicy and moist and had a consistency similar to pulled pork. The corned beef went well with the poached egg and soaked up all of the egg yolk. The fried rice was also tasty. It was full of some sausage and veggies and was seasoned nicely. I enjoyed everything about this dish and I would highly recommend it.

Banana Stuffed French Toast

Both of my brothers got the chocolate milk dipped french toast stuffed with banana and served with chocolate and peanut butter sauce. This meal was very decadent and only for someone with a sweet tooth. The french toast was soft and sweet and the creamy peanut butter sauce made the dish.

Waffles with fruit compote and coconut syrup

My mom got the waffles with fruit compote and coconut syrup. The waffles were crispy and the coconut syrup was great. There was a mild cinnamon like spice in this dish and I’m not sure if it was in the waffles or the fruit compote.

Loco Moco

My dad ordered the loco moco which is a traditional Hawaiian breakfast dish that comes with a hamburger patty, eggs, and rice all covered in a rich gravy. I had never tasted loco moco before this and it was quite good. It was a unique and hearty breakfast.

Hawaiian Bread Basket

Lastly we ordered a Hawaiian bread basket to share. It comes with a guava fans, coconut cream pockets, croissants, and orange macadamia nut muffins. I only tried the guava fan and the orange macadamia nut muffin but both were good. Everyone else seemed to enjoy all of these and they tasted freshly baked.

Overall I loved ‘AMA’AMA and the rest of my family enjoyed their meals. It is a beautiful setting and although the food is a bit pricy it tastes good. We are coming back here in a  couple of days to try their lunch menu so I will see how that compares to the breakfast.


Yes, for a beautiful breakfast.

'Ama 'Ama on Urbanspoon


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