Smile Thai Cuisine

A new Thai food place called Smile Thai Cuisine opened up a couple weeks ago in Maple Ridge. I was looking forward to trying it because outside of sushi, Maple Ridge doesn’t have a wide variety of ethnic food. The restaurant is really tiny inside and just has a couple of small tables so it isn’t ideal for large parties. We decided to order take out because they were having a special 15% off takeout deal to celebrate their first month of opening.

Beef Lettuce Wrap Filling

The first thing ordered was the beef lettuce wraps ($8) off of the appetizer menu. The filling had minced beef, peppers, carrots, onions and basil.

Crispy Noodles For Lettuce Wrap

In a separate box we were served crispy noodles to add to the lettuce wraps. It was nice that they put them in a different box so they didn’t get soggy. I didn’t get a picture of the lettuce but it was fresh and crispy. Overall we liked these lettuce wraps and they definitely had a unique flavour and spice that made them different from Chinese style lettuce wraps I’ve had.

Veggie Spring Rolls

Another appetizer we got were the vegetarian spring rolls ($5.99). These spring rolls were filled with glass noodles, cabbage, carrots, and onion. Even though we got take out, the spring rolls were still surprisingly hot and crispy once we got home. I loved the noodle filling inside of them and I would order these again. The sauce on the side was a sweet plum sauce.

Chilli Pepper Fried Rice

The chilli pepper fried rice ($9.99) dish came with chicken, eggs, onions, peppers and carrots and was cooked in chilli paste. This dish had a bit of spice to it and the rice was moist and flavourful. There wasn’t actually much chicken in this dish.

Pad See Iw

We ordered a noodle dish called pad see iw ($9.99). It was made with rice noodles, beef, broccoli, cabbage, green onions, carrots, eggs, and bean sprouts. The sauce that was on the noodles was a very mild soy based sauce. The noodles were cooked well and I liked how there wasn’t too many bean sprouts because I hate it when noodle dishes have too many sprouts.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Since my brothers like sweet and sour sauce we ordered the sweet and sour chicken ($9.99). The chicken was mixed with pineapple, onions, peppers, tomato, carrots, and celery. The sauce was very tasty, however we all felt like there were too many veggies and not enough chicken in this dish. Unlike many other sweet and sour dishes, the chicken wasn’t battered so it was much lighter.

Pad Prik King

The pad prik king ($9.99) came with beef, green beans, and basil leaves and we ordered it medium spice level. I love Asian style green beans and everyone thought this dish was great. The beans were cooked perfectly and there was a good amount of juicy beef in it. The dish had some spice that was noticeable but not overwhelming.

Yellow Chicken Curry

The last dish we ordered was the yellow chicken curry ($9.99). This came in a big bowl and had tons of sauce and lots of chunks of chicken, potatoes, and carrots. The curry broth was made with coconut milk which made it a bit sweet and very creamy. This was my favourite dish because I love coconut milk. We also ordered a side of coconut rice for the curry but I forgot to take a picture of it. The coconut rice had a very fragrant coconut flavour and was light and fluffy and went well with the curry.

Overall we enjoyed all of the food and it was nice to have the option to get good Thai food in Maple Ridge. Smile Thai also has $7.50 lunch specials every day which I am planning on going back to try.


Yes for yummy Thai food in Maple Ridge.

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