The Famous Warehouse

The Famous Warehouse is a restaurant on Granville street that is famous for its outrageously cheap menu items. Everything on the menu is $4.95 and they have burgers, tacos, and bar favourites like poutine and chicken wings. I’ll be honest, I was a little sceptical of coming to this place because I wondered how they can be serving food for that cheap, but one evening when Knowlton and I were hungry but not in the mood to spend lots of money we decided to try it. The inside of the place is definitely not fancy and don’t come here if you want to impress someone. This place is what I would call a dive bar and its pretty outdated and worn on the inside. My main complaint is that the bathrooms were pretty disgusting and in need of some cleaning.

The Works Burger With Onion Rings

Both of us ordered the works burger which comes topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, onions, pickle and relish mayo all for $4.95. I decided to upgrade my fries to onion rings for $1.50 since the burger was so cheap. For $5 the burger was surprisingly decent. The beef patty was juicy and big and all of the toppings tasted pretty good. My one complaint is that the bun was very dry and tasted a bit stale. The onion rings were thick and crispy and served with a side of chipotle mayo which was yummy. It’s obviously not the highest quality burger but the portion for the price is huge.

Fruity Drink

I’m assuming that they make most of their money off drinks since almost everyone who comes here is drinking. I got a cocktail for about $7 which is an average price. I forget the name of the drink but it had banana liqueur, malibu, and pineapple juice. It was sweet and fruity and I enjoyed it.

Overall the Famous Warehouse is decent if you come in with the right expectations. You can’t really complain about eating a huge meal for $6 and the burger is bigger and tastes better than fast food burgers for the same price. So next time you are on Granville and feeling hungry and cheap, skip McDonald’s and try the burger here.


Yes, for a very cheap late night meal.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Burgers, Downtown, Pub, Vancouver


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