Sanafir is one of the Glowbal Collection of restaurants located on Granville street. This restaurant is probably the most unique of the bunch and their food is inspired by a combination of Indian, North African, Asian, and Mediterranean flavours. The inside of the restaurant is very nice and luxurious looking with high ceilings, dark rich colours and silk screens and sometimes they even have belly dancers performing. Sanafir is only open for dinner and every Tuesday they have a special deal where all of their food items are 50% off. Knowlton and I visited Sanafir on two separate occasions both on a Tuesday to get half price food.

Prawn Ceviche

Their menu is divided up into a few different sections with smaller tapas items and larger entrée items. One of the first items we ordered was the prawn ceviche. The menu description said it came topped with mango papaya salsa which was a selling feature for me since I like fruit salsa. When the dish came out something didn’t look right and I didn’t notice any chunks of mango on top. I thought maybe that the mango was in the sauce but the sauce was not flavourful at all. The prawns were also in such big chunks that it was really awkward and hard to scoop up with the naan. I went home that night and I saw a different picture of this dish on someone else’s blog and theirs was topped with big chunks of mango. I was very disappointed that they forgot to add the mango salsa to mine. I would expect a Glowbal restaurant to be more on top of the food that they send out of the kitchen.

Soft Shell Crab

I ordered one of their featured items which was soft shell crab tossed in a chill garlic sauce with crispy puffed noodles. The presentation of this dish was nice however I wasn’t crazy about it. I haven’t had soft shell crab before so I have nothing to compare it to but I wasn’t crazy about it. The noodles were also very hard to pick up and eat since I only had a fork and they were too crispy to scoop up.

Egyptian Spiced Striploin

Knowlton got the Egyptian spiced strip loin which comes with cauliflower puree, roasted tomato & eggplant. This was the first dish that tasted great. The steak was juicy and we liked how they cut it up into little pieces so you don’t have to do any work while eating it. The cauliflower puree was unique but delicious and went well with the rest of the vegetables. At 50% off this steak is only $10 so it is a great deal.

Molten Chocolate Pot With Coffee Cream

I had a free birthday dessert coupon from the Glowbal Collection and I redeemed it here. I’m not sure if this was a special or if it is on the regular menu but it was super yummy. The cup on the right was full of a molten chocolate cake that was warm gooey and rich and the cup on the left was a coffee cream that you poured over the chocolate cake. If this dessert is on the menu I would highly recommend it.

Grilled Naan and Hummus

On our second visit we ordered the grilled naan with hummus to share. I enjoyed the hummus it was thick and smooth and it was the perfect amount for all of the naan. There were also some chunks of roasted garlic and olives on top of the hummus. We were a bit disappointed with the naan bread. It felt cold, not just room temperature but chilled which was weird. Some of the pieces were crispy but some seemed soggy. I don’t know how fresh these were it seemed like that had been made well before we got them.

Watermelon and Valdeon Salad

Next up was the watermelon and valdeon (a type of blue cheese) salad. This was my favourite dish of the night. The watermelon was super fresh, sweet and juicy and the blue cheese went perfectly with it. There were also some pumpkin seeds and arugula tossed in with it. Everything about this salad was fresh and delicious.

Mediterranean Ribs

The last dish ordered were the Mediterranean ribs with olive oil, parmesan, lime, and fried herbs. The sauce on these ribs was flavourful and delish and I loved the parmesan that coated them. The only problem is that there was hardly any meat on these ribs. It was like licking sauce off of a bone and it wasn’t filling at all.

Overall I found the dishes at Sanafir very hit and miss. If you want to try it I would highly recommend going on a Tuesday when the food is half off otherwise it’s not worth paying full price.


I only recommend trying Sanafir on a Tuesday for half price.

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