Shinobi is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Maple Ridge and it’s where I normally go to get my sushi. The restaurant is a local favourite and is always busy at lunch time but the restaurant is a decent size. They have a bunch of yummy bento boxes for lunch time and they also have some great sushi rolls.

Miso Soup

The bento box started out with miso soup. The miso soup was good but standard like most miso soups out there.

Bento Box

I like Shinobi because they have quite a few different bentos with some options for picking special rolls outside of your boring California roll. My bento box came with chicken teriyaki, a salad, spring rolls and a crispy crunch roll which is prawn tempura, crab and cucumber with bits of crispy tempura batter on top. The salad was fresh and the dressing tasted  better that most other salads I’ve had at Japanese restaurants. The spring rolls aren’t really Japanese and were just okay. They were crunchy and hot and topped with a bit of sweet teriyaki sauce. I liked the chicken teriyaki a lot. The chicken was substantially bigger than other Japanese restaurants and the sauce wasn’t super sweet and had more of a darker taste. Lastly I enjoyed the crispy crunch roll. It was unique and the crispy bits of tempura on top were yummy although its very messy to eat.

Spicy Crazy Roll

A couple of weeks later I ordered some take out sushi from here. One of my favourite types of sushi rolls is a crazy roll (deep-fried California roll). I have a guilty pleasure for all things deep-fried and I love their spicy crazy roll from here. The tempura batter on the outside is light and crispy and not overly greasy. They top the roll with a sweet soy sauce and a spicy orange sauce. It isn’t too spicy but it has a bit of a kick to it and the combination of sweet and spicy sauces balance each other out. These rolls melt in your mouth and they are so addictive!

Sushi Rolls

Starting from the top there is a dynamite roll, a spicy tuna roll, and an Alaska roll. The dynamite roll was a bit of an awkward size so it was kind of hard to eat. The inside of the roll was good but I’m not a fan of tobiko on top of sushi because I hate the texture of it. The spicy tuna was a bit different from other spicy tuna rolls I’ve had because the sauce was drizzled on top and not in the roll itself. I liked that they used big chunks of tuna in the roll but I thought the spicy sauce on top was only mediocre. The Alaska roll was totally delicious. It’s a california roll topped with smoked salmon and they drizzle a creamy lemony sauce on top that compliments the salmon perfectly. The roll was light and fresh tasting and it’s another one of my favourites at Shinobi.

Overall Shinobi delivers consistently good food. Their bento boxes are solid and they have some unique combinations. The sushi is always fresh and I like their unique sauces that they put on top of some of the special rolls. It is definitely in the top places to go in Maple Ridge and even compared to Japanese restaurants in other locations I find it better than most.


Yes, for one of the best Japanese restaurants in Maple Ridge.

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