Mangal Kiss

Mangal Kiss is a middle eastern BBQ food cart located downtown near West Georgia and Hornby. They serve up middle eastern style shishliks (wraps) with your choice of bbq rib eye steak or chicken. The menu was a bit confusing to read at first but essentially you just pick your meat and they show all of the veggies that they put on it (you can exclude some if you want) and then you pick your sauce.

Chicken Shisklik

I went with the chicken shish kabob shisklik ($7) which is served on taftoon (an Iranian flat bread), with all of the veggies except tomato and I chose the spicy and savory mango sauce. The taftoon is similar to a thin naan or pita bread and I liked it better than a regular wrap because it was more bready and had a thicker texture. The chicken was super moist and had a smokey flavor from the BBQ. The veggies they put on it aren’t your typical wrap veggies, they include: hummus, tahini, purple cabbage, beets, pickled turnips, pickles, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, spiced Moroccan carrots, radish, tabbouleh. If you don’t like pickled vegetables then I wouldn’t recommend this dish to you. The veggies were crunchy and fresh and gave the wrap a totally unique flavour. There are quite a few other wrap food carts around but this version was different which I liked. Since I love mangos I had to choose the spicy mango sauce. The sauce was tasty and had a bit of a kick but there was also a subtle sweetness to it.

Overall I enjoyed the wrap and I thought the juicy chicken combined with the veggies and mango sauce was yummy. It’s not a place I would come to all them time but I would visit it again to try the steak wrap and every once in a while for something different and fresh.


Yes, if you like pickled vegetables and middle eastern flavours.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Food Cart, Middle Eastern, Vancouver


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