Pizza Garden

On the corner of Granville and Smithe there are too many pizza places to keep track of but one of my favourites is Pizza Garden. It’s not as well known as its competitors Megabite Pizza and Romano’s Pizza but I prefer it because they bake their pizzas in a wood stone fire oven and they make a thin crust Italian style pizza. The inside is pretty small. There are a few tables but it’s more of a grab and go kind of place.

Pepperoni and Hawaiian Pizza

For $5 you can get two large slices of pizza and a pop which is a pretty affordable lunch. I got a slice of pepperoni and a slice of Hawaiian. There were generous amounts of toppings on both of the slices. I liked the thinness of the bread and crispiness of the crust. Like any by the slice pizza place the pizza tastes best when its hot and fresh out of the oven and it only tastes mediocre if it’s been sitting for a while. I prefer this place to Megabite and Romano’s because it doesn’t seem to get as soggy as the other places and I like the crust better.


Yes for cheap thin crust pizza.

Pizza Garden (Smithe St) on Urbanspoon


Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Pizza, Vancouver


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One Comment on “Pizza Garden”

  1. Jason Pieman
    September 21, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    Its the same owners as Megabite

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