Namoo Sushi

One of my friends was back in town for the holidays and we decided to go out for lunch. We both like Japanese food and we were looking for a restaurant in the Port Moody area so we ended up at Namoo Sushi. The inside of the restaurant is a bit outdated looking and they have this water fountain on the inside that bordered on the line of cool and tacky.

Pot of Green Tea

They served us tea in a pot which was a good idea because then we didn’t have to wait for refills. The only problem was they gave us the tiniest little cups to drink it from. You got about two sips worth of tea before you had to refill the cup which was a bit tedious and almost comical.

Miso Soup

Both of our meals came with miso soup which they brought out to us first. The soup was standard and tasted fine. I like how they gave us little spoons to drink it.

Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box

Since it was lunch time I opted for a bento box so I could try a variety of items. I ordered the chicken teriyaki bento ($7) which came with chicken teriyaki on top of rice and bean sprouts, with assorted tempura, a california roll, and a salad. Why do most Japanese restaurants have to make such poor quality salad? I always like the dressing they use but I hate the cheap iceberg lettuce. This salad was no different and it was just okay. The tempura was hot and crispy and the vegetables were fully cooked and not hard on the inside. I liked the chicken teriyaki because it was juicy and had a yummy sweet teriyaki sauce on top. I like when they serve the teriyaki over rice so the rice can soak up all the excess sauce. The California roll was a bit disappointing. It wasn’t as creamy tasting as others I’ve had and it seemed a bit bland. I wish more bento boxes had options for different sushi rolls because California rolls get a bit boring when you eat them all the time and only a few places make them really well.

Vegetarian Bento Box

My friend got the vegetarian box which came with yakisoba, half of a cucumber roll and half of an avocado roll, a salad and vegetable tempura. My friend is a vegetarian so she was really happy to see a vegetarian bento box since a lot of Japanese restaurants don’t have that option. She thought everything was okay but she commented that the yakisoba noodles seemed a bit greasy and bland.

Overall the food here is okay but it’s not the best. It was pretty affordable and the tempura and teriyaki was good but I think you can find better sushi in the area. They had a number of Korean style items on the menu which I wouldn’t mind trying to see if they excel more at those items. One plus is that they are vegetarian friendly and have plenty of veggie options.


Yes, but only if you are looking for a cheap bento box.

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