Frogstone Grill

One of the few restaurants I like to go to in Maple Ridge is the Frogstone Grill. My family and I have gone here for a number of years and its a good place to go for a casual and affordable but good meal. They aren’t doing anything crazy or mind blowing but they make all of their bread fresh in the restaurant and they have some yummy burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and breakfast. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with tons of frog pictures and figurines. It’s cute but a bit tacky but the rest of the restaurant is comfortable and clean.

Southwestern Scrambled Bene

I came here with Burger Knight one weekend and I was in the mood for some breakfast. I ordered the southwestern scrambled bene ($10). The dish is made with scrambled eggs and topped with bacon, caramelized onions, jack cheese, avocados, and hollandaise sauce. They use a piece of freshly baked focaccia bread as the base which was a nice change from your typical English muffin. The avocados were ripe, the bacon was crispy, and there was plenty of hollandaise sauce smothered over everything. This dish was satisfying and totally fulfilled my breakfast craving. The breakfast potatoes served on the side were delicious. The thick chunks of potatoes were soft on the inside but really crispy on the outside and they tasted way better than the small little hashbrowns some places serve.

Burger Knight obviously ordered a burger and you can check out his review of it here.

Overall Frogstone Grill has simple but satisfying food. It’s nothing fancy but they know how to make a good breakfast and its one of the better places in Maple Ridge to have a decent meal. All of their food is affordable and the portion sizes are large.


Yes for a casual weekend brunch.

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