Footo Delights

On the corner of Robson and Homer is a cute little bakery called Footo Delights. Footo stands for Fresh Out of the Oven and they specialize in freshly baked croissants that come in classic and unique flavors. The inside is bright and clean and in addition to croissants, they sell frozen yogurt, smoothies, and variety of other baked items. Footo also sells croissant sandwiches and home-made soup for lunches so it isn’t just a spot for breakfast sweets. I love croissants (how can you not?) so I was looking forward to trying this place and I finally got an opportunity to try it this weekend.

Plain Croissant

In order to truly judge someones ability to make a croissant I feel like you have to try a basic plain one so I ordered one of those ($2.25). My croissant was still very warm so they really are fresh out of the oven. The croissant had a perfect flaky texture and tasted buttery and fresh. It was simple but very good. It makes such a difference with baked goods when they are fresh and I think that’s what made it stand out from other croissants I’ve had.

White Chocolate Pistachio Croissant

I also ordered a white chocolate and pistachio filled croissant ($3.25). I’ve never seen this flavor combination in a croissant before but it works well. Apparently this is one of the more popular sellers at Footo. The inside filling was mildly sweet and there was a lot of it inside. I hate filled croissants that only have one or two bites worth of filling so I was glad when there was filling evenly distributed throughout the croissant. The filling was also quite light and it didn’t weigh down the croissant. I would recommend this croissant it was unique and delicious.

Footo Delights is super cute and the croissants were great. I found the prices reasonable especially since the croissants were on the larger scale and tasted great. I will definitely come back and try a croissant sandwich for lunch and some of the other flavors (like spinach and feta and hazelnut chocolate).


Yes for delicious and fresh baked goods.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Bakery, Downtown, Sandwiches, Vancouver


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