Sajin’s Green Tea Cafe

Sajin’s Green Tea Cafe was right near where I used to work and I used to pass by it every day but it took me a long time before I actually went in and tried it. I enjoy drinking green tea so I was looking forward to getting some lunch and a latte. The inside of the cafe is outdated and I had a hard time finding a place to sit because almost every table was dirty.

I went on a Friday because I wanted to try their $5 Friday curry rice special. I wanted the chicken curry rice but I was told that on Friday they only sell the beef rice (maybe they should put this on their sign) so I ordered that. I also tried to order a green tea latte and the guy working behind the counter told me if I came back after 2pm then the green tea lattes were only $2. I told him I had to work and I was on my lunch break now so I wanted it now. I think he might have thought I was asking to have the deal right now but I just wanted the drink at regular price. It was an extremely confusing situation and he didn’t give me my latte and he didn’t ever ring it up for me. I felt very awkward and I tried to explain to him a couple of times that I wanted it now but he never understood me. I finally gave up on the latte and decided I would go to the Starbucks down the street where I don’t have to beg someone for a latte.

Beef Curry Rice

Along with the rest of my experience here the curry rice was a disappointment. The beef they used was ground hamburger meat which I thought added a strange texture to the curry. I don’t generally like ground beef in dishes so I didn’t like this at all. The curry sauce did have a nice flavor and I ended up scooping some on the rice and eating that and the potatoes.

Overall everything about Sajin disappointed me. I really wanted to like this place since it was so close to my work and maybe my expectations were too high coming into it. I left the cafe still feeling hungry because my food was gross and having to go to Starbucks to get my caffeine fix.


No, the food is gross and the service is extremely awkward.

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One Comment on “Sajin’s Green Tea Cafe”

  1. December 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    Sometimes if you are really really nice, he will give you the latte deal at 1:30pm. You need to have the green tea latte!

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