Sango is a modern Japanese restaurant that specializes in fusion sushi rolls in Pitt Meadows (they also have a location in Port Moody). If you are looking for traditional Japanese this probably isn’t the place for you. I always used to go here a couple of years ago but I hadn’t been for a while so I wanted to go and check it out. The inside is clean and modern looking and they have a couple private rooms for larger parties.

A new addition to their menu is lunch combo plates. They never used to have these or bento boxes and I always thought that it was strange for a Japanese place to not have bento boxes during lunch time. I ordered the combo A ($12) which comes with a couple rolls, some sushi and tempura.

Caterpillar Roll

The combo I got came with a caterpillar roll which had seared eel and was topped with slices of avocado and a special sauce. This was my favourite thing that I got in the combo because it had a really nice flavor. The eel was mild and not fishy tasting at all. The avocados were perfectly ripe and the sauce on top tasted like a sweet soy glaze. Overall I really liked the roll and I would go back and order it.

Assorted Tempura

In the past I’ve always been impressed with Sango’s tempura but this time the veggies were a bit under cooked. I hate having hard veggies in tempura because it ruins the whole texture. Normally they cook it perfectly so this might have been an off batch. Outside of that the batter had a nice crunch to it.

Las Vegas Roll

The Las Vegas roll was filled with assorted fish, crab, and cream cheese and deep-fried and topped with the special sauce. This roll was also really good. The roll was dipped in a light tempura batter so it wasn’t too heavy and it added a crunch to it. I love cream cheese in sushi rolls so I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Salmon, Tuna, and Shrimp Nigiri

The nigiri sushi consisted of salmon, tuna, and shrimp. I liked the salmon and the tuna but I didn’t like the shrimp. I’ve never had shrimp nigiri before so I don’t know what the texture is supposed to be like but it seemed too tough and it was hard to bite. I didn’t care for it but the other two fish tasted fresh.

Overall I enjoyed my lunch at Sango and I’m glad to see that they added some combo plates because I like trying a bunch of different things when I go for Japanese. Sango excels at fusion sushi rolls and almost every roll I’ve had here is delicious but the other non sushi items on the menu are a bit boring.


Yes for fusion style sushi rolls in Pitt Meadows.

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