Ebi Sushi

Surprisingly Maple Ridge has tons of Japanese restaurants and lately I’ve been trying to go to different ones to try them all. I’ve heard good things about Ebi Sushi but I had never actually been before so I thought I would go and get lunch there. The restaurant is in this old little house and it looks a bit old and dumpy on the outside but the inside is actually clean and nice. I went in at around 12 and there were quite a few other people there.

Since it was lunch time I decided to just go with a bento box which came with miso soup. There’s not really much to say about miso soup since most tastes pretty similar but this tasted good and was served hot.

The bento box came with a california roll. The california roll actually exceeded my expectations it was yummy and tasted really fresh. The avocado was perfectly ripe and not brown and mushy. The roll was also my ideal size because it wasn’t awkwardly small or big.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box

I ordered the chicken teriyaki bento box with tempura. The chicken was moist and there was a good amount of meat compared to some other bento boxes I’ve had. The tempura was cooked perfectly (I hate it when the veggies are still crunchy inside) and came with a squash, prawn, and potato. There was also a little daily special that I think was yam tempura. The salad tasted fresh but it wasn’t anything special. The dressing was orange and tasted quite carroty I wasn’t crazy about it.

Overall I was impressed with Ebi Sushi. The meal was great for <$10 and all of the food tasted very fresh and was prepared nicely. I will definitely be back after this experience and I think Ebi Sushi is going to become one of my local go-to places for Japanese.


Yes for fresh Japanese food and sushi in Maple Ridge.

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