I was driving around Maple Ridge the other day and I noticed a sushi place called Wasabi that looked new. About a week later I bought a daily deal coupon for it so I got a chance to go try it out. The inside of the place is a bit more modern looking than a lot of the other sushi places around. There were a few other people there and the service was a bit slow.

I saw spicy miso ramen ($6) on the menu and I was very surprised. I’ve never seen ramen on a menu in Maple Ridge so I had to try it (but I should have known it was too good to be true). I was immediately disappointed when I saw that they used instant noodles in the ramen. Fresh noodles make such a large difference and to me it’s just a waste of money to buy something I could make at home. I didn’t mind the broth it was in because it was actually spicy however I wouldn’t order this dish again.

The chicken yakitori ($4.25) was pretty good. The pieces of chicken were large and juicy and the teriyaki sauce on top was sweet, but not over bearing.

The spicy tuna roll ($3.75) tasted really fresh and in addition to the tuna it was filled with cucumber, avocado, and green onion. I liked the addition of the green onion because it gave it a unique flavor. I would order this again.

The last dish we ordered was the spicy chicken ($8). I didn’t really know what to expect with this dish because it isn’t something you traditionally find on Japanese menus but I was pleasantly surprised with the dish. The chicken was hot and crispy and there was a light mildly spicy lemon sauce on it.

Overall my experience at Wasabi was hit and miss. I liked the sushi and the spicy chicken but I was very disappointed in the ramen. I would like to try it again to get a better idea of the rest of their sushi menu.


I would only recommend going if you are in the area and you want sushi.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Japanese, Maple Ridge, Sushi


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