Aki Japanese

Below street level on Thurlow and Alberni is a little Japanese restaurant called Aki Japanese. I met up with some fellow SFU food bloggers (Foodology, Good Eat and I’m Busy Eating) and we decided to go here for dinner. The inside was pretty busy and there aren’t tons of seats. They also don’t take reservations.

We decided to get a bunch of different dishes and share them all. We ordered the steamed clams in sake sauce. This was the first time I’ve ever tried clams and I really enjoyed them. I’ve always been a bit scared of clams because I was worried they would have a slimy texture but I was pleasantly surprised at the nice meaty texture they had. They tasted fresh and the sauce had a light lemony flavor.

We got an assorted sashimi which came with tuna, salmon, and snapper. I didn’t get a chance to try the snapper but the tuna and salmon were super fresh. I preferred the tuna sashimi just because I like the buttery soft texture of tuna better.

Next up was the yakitori which came with two decent size skewers of chicken. The dish was a bit plain but the chicken was moist and nicely grilled.

Another dish we ordered was the grilled black cod. The inside was very moist and it had an almost sweet miso flavor. I liked this dish I thought it had a nice flavor.

The spicy tuna roll was made of minced tuna meat and it had a good amount of spice to it. This wasn’t the best I’ve had but it was pretty good.

The chicken karaage dish we ordered was made with chicken wings. I personally prefer the karaage made with chicken thighs because I find its more moist and there is more meat. These had a nice crunchy batter but there wasn’t much meat on the bones.

The last dish we ordered was the yakiudon. This wasn’t actually on the menu which was kind of surprising since it is a staple on most Japanese menus. I felt like this dish was a little dry and I would have preferred a bit more sauce on the noodles to give it some more flavor.

Overall I had a great time hanging out and eating with my fellow SFU food bloggers. I enjoyed the meal and I thought the food here was pretty good, but not outstanding.


Yes, but stick to the sashimi and grilled items.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Downtown, Japanese, Sushi, Vancouver


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