The Mac Shack Media Event

On Tuesday evening I was able to attend a media event at a relatively new restaurant in Kerrisdale called The Mac Shack. In case you didn’t guess from the name this restaurant specializes in macaroni and cheese and they have a wide array of crazy flavors but also some original classics. The inside is bright, comfortable, and modern looking and seems like a good place to hang out with friends or have a casual dinner with your family.

The first dish we were served was the classic macaroni and cheese. Despite being a bit boring compared to some of the other flavor combinations they had I thought the classic was pretty good. It was simple and had a mild creamy cheesy flavor.

My favourite item of the night were the grilled cheese sandwiches. They came on sourdough bread and were filled with turkey, cheddar, pesto sauce and mac and cheese. It may sound a little strange at first to have mac and cheese inside of a sandwich but trust me it’s totally delicious. The flavors worked well together and the bread was crispy while the inside was gooey and soft.

They served us a garlic bread with marinara sauce to dip. The garlic bread was thin and crispy which I liked because I don’t like really soggy thick garlic bread. The marinara sauce had a nice flavor to it and was a good dip.

Another dish we got to try was the Veggie mac and cheese. I personally didn’t care for this dish. It tasted more like a pasta dish than macaroni and cheese because of the tomato sauce and I didn’t like the chunks of veggies in it.

One of the dishes that everyone really enjoyed was the bacon cheeseburger mac and cheese. It was made with cheddar and monterey jack in a cream sauce with big chunks of thick bacon and little bits of seared hamburger. This dish had a yummy cheesy flavor and the bacon was thick cut and smokey.

Another one of my favourite dishes of the night was the lobster mac and cheese but unfortunately I was too eager and ate it before taking a picture. It was made with asiago and cheddar cheese, chunks of Lobster meat, oyster mushrooms, lemon, dill, truffle oil and roasted garlic in a cream sauce. I love lobster anything so I enjoyed this dish and the chunks of lobster were generous.

The night was ended off with some desserts. My favourite dessert was the squish which was an ice cream sandwich made with vanilla gelato sandwiched between two double chocolate cookies with raspberry coulis. The cookies were moist and I preferred them to the traditional thin chocolate sandwiches you get from other places. The raspberry coulis gave it a tartness which contrasted with the rich chocolate and ice cream sweetness.

I had a fun time at the event hanging out with some fellow food bloggers and everyone working there was very friendly and down to earth. If you are in Kerrisdale and you are a mac and cheese fan check it out and see what you think (and try the grilled cheese).

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