Coco Noodle Express

I was at work and I had a very strong craving for Chinese food. I wanted to try some place new and I had heard of a place called Coco Noodle Express on Robson so I decided to go there and give it a try. This place isn’t exclusively Chinese since they have a few other Asian noodle dishes on the menu like Pad Thai.

They have about 10 different lunch plates you can chose from consisting of various noodle dishes and some entree and rice dishes. I ordered the sesame chicken plate with rice ($9). On hindsight I don’t know why I ordered this dish from a place that specializes in noodles, that was a dumb choice on my part. I sat down and they brought out my plate a few minutes later. The dish was super hot so it was obviously made fresh which was nice. I hate going to places for lunch only to have food sitting premade in the back. The portion of food was also large and the dish was really filling. The sesame sauce was very rich and quite sweet. In the beginning I liked it but by the end of it I felt quite sick. It was very heavy and there was tons coated all over the chicken. The dish would have been more enjoyable if there had been a bit less sauce so it wasn’t so heavy.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here and trying a noodle dish since I messed up and ordered something that obviously wasn’t their specialty. Everything tasted fresh and they were quite fast. I saw a lot of people coming in and getting a lunch combo to go. This place isn’t super authentic but it does the trick when you are having a craving for fast Chinese food and it’s much better than a food court.


Yes, for a fresh and fast lunch.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Asian, Chinese, Downtown, Vancouver


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2 Comments on “Coco Noodle Express”

  1. November 30, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    I pass by this place quite often and every time I see it…. I always think they serve coconut noodles. I’m stupid like that. haha

    • December 1, 2011 at 10:42 am #

      haha coconut noodles sound kind of good maybe you are on to something!

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