Higher Grounds

After my disappointing experiences at Renaissance Coffee, I went on the look out for a better place to get coffee while I’m at SFU. Most people go to Tim Horton’s but I like lattes and I prefer to get soy milk in my drinks and Tim Horton’s doesn’t offer either of those options. I decided to try Higher Grounds and surprisingly I’ve never tried it throughout the four years I’ve been going to SFU. Higher Grounds is run by the SFSS and is located right downstairs to the pub.

Higher Grounds has a wide selection of specialty coffee drinks and they also sell baked goods and prepackaged sandwiches. I ordered a medium latte  made with soy milk. I was pleasantly surprised that they don’t charge you for soy milk, I wish more coffee places would do this. The latte was nice and tasted much better than the ones made at Renaissance.

I also got a banana loaf ($1.90) for a snack and I was really impressed. It tasted very fresh and the inside was moist and filled with little chunks of banana. I will definitely try some more of their baked goods when I’m in need of a sweet snack (no more stale dry Renaissance muffins for me).

Ever since I tried Higher Grounds I’ve been coming back here all the time. The free soy is enough to win me over and their prices are very reasonable. This is the best coffee I’ve had on campus and they have great baked treats which are also affordable and fresh.


Yes, it’s the best place on campus for coffee and baked goods.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Burnaby, SFU


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