Himalayan Peak

Himalayan Peak is an Indian restaurant that was one of the first real restaurants in the SFU cornerstone building. I am a huge fan of Indian food and I love curries and the bold spices they use in their cuisine. I’ve been here quite a few times over the years that I’ve been to SFU and I’ve had some good and mediocre experiences.

They have a variety of cheaper dishes for take out and these are usually what I stick to since I usually just want to eat on the go. They sell a couple different rice bowls and a couple other dishes like naan sandwiches, samosas, and chickpeas. I decided to order the chana masala (chickpea curry) rice bowl ($7.50). The rice bowl is big, they really pack the rice into it and the curry on top of it is also a substantial amount. I was stuffed by the time I finished. The chickpeas here are my favourite thing to get they are fragrant and have a unique flavor to them. I hate it when chickpeas aren’t cooked properly and they are hard but these were cooked properly. I liked the bits of red onion and cilantro on top because they gave a fresh crunch to the dish. I enjoyed this dish and I would recommend the rice bowls for a filling meal that isn’t too expensive. I also am in love with their chana bhatura takeout dish which is a bowl of these chickpeas with deep-fried naan.

I also recently went here to try the all you can eat buffet. I decided to go with the $10 take out option since I had to get to class. They give you a large plastic container and you can fill it with as much food as you can fit in it. I got a bit of all of the dishes which were (starting from the left going clockwise): aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato), raita, rice with paneer curry on top, there was also a lentil curry under, and butter chicken.

I unfortunately got the last few naans so they were pretty cold. I didn’t care for the aloo gobi at all because it had no flavor. It was also a strange neon yellow color but you can’t really see that in the picture. The raita was smooth and refreshing and I liked dipping my naan in it. The one dish I really liked was the paneer curry. It was the only one of the dishes that was actually spicy and had some flavor to it and the big chunks of paneer cheese were yummy.  The lentils were also pretty tasty and I’m normally not crazy about lentils. I generally don’t really like butter chicken because I find it boring compared to other curry dishes. This was no exception. There wasn’t much flavor and the chicken was dry.

Overall I wouldn’t go back to the buffet because for me it isn’t worth it. They don’t ever have my favourite dishes (except the paneer curry) and I don’t get enough value out of it. I regularily go back for the cheap take out specials and I’ve never been disappointed with them. I find those dishes have more flavor and they are cheaper while still being filling.


No, for the buffet, but yes for the cheap takeout specials.

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