Plum Garden Noodle House

I was at SFU during dinner time and I was looking for something more satisfying to eat than a sandwich. I came across a place in the Cornerstone complex called Plum Garden Noodle House. This place was quite busy when I was there at dinner time. I was a bit confused by the menu, they had different things everywhere and it wasn’t organized very well. The miso ramen ($7.50) caught my eye since it was a cold day out. I don’t like bean sprouts in my ramen because I don’t like the crunchy consistency with the soft noodles so I asked if I could get the ramen with no bean sprouts. The girl working there was very confused and she didn’t know what a bean sprout was but she finally understood me.

I sat down and about five minutes later my soup came out. The egg on top looked like a strange color so I didn’t eat it. They topped the soup with a deep-fried piece of pork. This was unexpected because the picture on the menu had something else but it tasted fine. Just make sure you eat it right away or else it will get too soggy. There was a fair amount of noodles in the dish and they were cooked well. They tasted pretty good and I’m pretty sure they used fresh noodles. The broth had a salty rich miso flavor which I enjoyed.

Overall I found the ramen to be satisfying and it tasted pretty good. This isn’t high-end ramen by any means but it tastes a lot better than the instant stuff. They also have a bunch of other noodle dishes here and they are all pretty affordable.


Yes, for cheap noodle dishes at SFU.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Asian, Burnaby, Ramen, SFU


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