Benkei Ramen

On a cold rainy Vancouver day nothing is better than a big bowl of steaming hot ramen. Whenever I was in need of a ramen fix I always went to Benkei Ramen because it was a relatively short walk from my work. The inside of Benkei Ramen looks cool with it’s wooden walls and a large communal circular table with little stools. Every time I come here it gets extremely busy at lunch time and you sometimes have to wait for a table.

I’m not sure if they still have this item on the menu or if it was just a special but I ordered the curry ramen ($8) many times. The curry broth was simply delicious. It was a little thicker than other ramen broths but not too thick. It had a nice spiciness without being too hot and the curry flavor was strong (in a good way). The noodles were cooked perfectly and there was a large amount in the bowl. The chicken that they served with it was super moist and melted in your mouth. I also really enjoyed the spinach and corn in the soup however I found the baby carrots kind of weird to eat in the soup. If this soup is available try it, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve also tried the Akaoni ramen ($9) which is a spicy miso broth with garlic oil and ground pork. I loved the soup broth it was quite spicy. The noodles were perfectly cooked like always.  I didn’t like the texture of the ground pork in the soup I found it weird while eating the smooth noodles and soup. I would order this soup again just with a different meat, it wasn’t bad it’s just a personal preference.

Overall I have enjoyed eating at Benkei ramen. The ramen is consistently good and they have super fast service. I’m sure I will be back again in the future.


Avoid going between 12-1pm if you don’t want to wait for a table


Yes, for decently priced ramen.

Benkei Noodle Shop (Thurlow) on Urbanspoon

Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Ramen, Vancouver


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