Bun Me Baguette

On the corner of Hornby and Robson is a little green food cart called Bun Me Baguette serving up fresh Vietnamese subs. I love Vietnamese subs I find them much more flavorful and satisfying than Subway and they are usually very affordable. Bun Me Baguette offers two types of subs, lemongrass chicken and tofu.

I got the lemongrass chicken sub ($5) which comes on a crispy toasted baguette with cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, daikon, and mayo. You can choose if you want to make the sauce spicy or not. I went with spicy but I didn’t find it overly spicy. I really liked the chicken in the sub it had such a great flavor. It was super juicy and there were lots of big chunks in it. The veggies were all fresh but I found them a little too chunky but that’s just my personal preference. Overall I enjoyed the sub, it wasn’t the best Vietnamese sub I’ve had but I still thought it was good and I would get it again if I was in the area and looking for a quick lunch.


Yes, for a quick and cheap street food lunch.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Food Cart, Vancouver, Vietnamese


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