Nature’s Garden

Located in the cornerstone complex of SFU is a little organic hippy cafe called Nature’s Garden. Even though I’ve been going to SFU for four years I’ve never visited this place until last week. It was very cold and rainy out so I was in search of warm soup. The inside of the restaurant is homey and on the border of tacky and cute. The menu is hard to read because it’s behind the counter and there is a large post in front of it. It was also hard for me to see the sandwiches that they had in the deli counter because a large group of people was sitting in a table right in front of it.

Since I was having a hard time reading the menu, I just went with a ham and cheese panini and a cup of their daily soup which was tomato basil. The panini and soup came to $8. When I saw the size of my panini and soup I felt ripped off. The soup tasted really rich and creamy but the size of it was disappointingly small. The panini was also very small. I liked the bread they used, it got nice and crispy and there were little sesame seeds throughout it. My main problem with the panini was the mustard they used on it. It tasted exactly like french’s mustard and I felt like it overpowered the ham and cheese and cheapened the sandwich. I wish they used a honey mustard or a nice whole seed mustard on it instead.

Since I was still hungry after my panini and soup I decided to get a muffin. They had a bunch of different kinds of muffins including vegan ones and some other unique flavors. I chose a carrot cake muffin since I love carrot cake and its not something I can get anywhere. The muffin was also quite expensive at $3.50 but it was a rather large muffin. The muffin was very moist inside and it tasted fresh (unlike renaissance cafe muffins). It had a good carroty flavor and definitely had that home baked taste.

Overall I felt that Nature’s Garden has poor value. The food tastes okay but not good enough to justify the small portions and steep prices. I would return here for a muffin and a coffee but if you are looking for lunch or a sandwich look elsewhere.


No, the food is over priced and small.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Burnaby, Cafe, SFU


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