Memphis Blues 10th Anniversary

Memphis Blues, a BBQ restaurant chain was celebrating its 10th anniversary at their West Broadway location on Wednesday with a whole hog roast party. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about the whole hog roast thing, I don’t like the see the faces of the things I eat but I decided to go anyway.

The inside has bright red walls that are covered with old photographs. The West Broadway location is fairly small, they only have a few tables and benches but it ended up getting packed with people wanting to celebrate (I took the picture before most people had arrived).

Everyone started clapping and cheering when the brought out the roasted pig. It was quite the centre piece. I snapped a quick picture and got out of there while they were cutting it up and doing the dirty work.

The end result was much more appetizing to look at! I grabbed a pile of the pulled meat along with two different BBQ sauces. The pork was a bit drier than I was hoping for. The yellowish looking sauce was a Carolina style BBQ sauce. It tasted like a tangy mustard sauce. The brownish sauce was more of a typical style BBQ sauce with a sweeter molasses flavor. Out of the two sauces I preferred the Carolina style sauce because I love mustard and it had a unique flavour.

Another dish they were serving alongside the pork were big chunks of lobster soaked in a butter sauce with a piece of cornbread. I was surprised to see this dish because it didn’t seem like southern BBQ food to me but it was very delicious. The lobster was cooked perfectly and soaked in butter, just the way it should be. The cornbread went well with it and was perfect to soak up the extra butter.

Another dish that was being passed around was the crispy pig skin. This dish had great flavor but it was a little too crispy for my personal preference.

Along with the food they were serving some great wine and champagne throughout the event.

Overall it was a fun event and there was a nice celebratory and happy atmosphere in the room. I would like to return here sometime to try some of their BBQ items on the menu.



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