Prestons is a restaurant located in the Coast Coal Harbor Hotel downtown that offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and western and asian inspired entrees and appies.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have a great brunch menu on the weekends. They have recently made some changes to their menu and added a number of new dishes. The inside of the restaurant looks modern with dark walls and booths and bright red/pink accents. My only complaint is that they don’t have their own washroom, you have to walk out into the lobby to use the washroom out there.

Burger Knight and I ordered a couple of martinis to start. The first was the Lemon Meringue which was a mixture of Limoncello, Absolut Vanilia, lemon juice, pineapple juice, with a graham cracker rim. This drink was delicious. It was sweet but a bit tart and quite refreshing. The graham cracker rim was a cool idea. I would order this drink again in a second.

The other drink was the Toblerone. This was made with Absolut Vanilia, Baileys, Frangelico, white Creme De Cacao, honey and cream. For some reason I was expecting this drink to be a bit more chocolatey but after reading the description I don’t know why I thought that. The drink was very creamy and rich and had a mild vanilla and hazelnut flavor. This drink was good but I preferred the Lemon Meringue.

We wanted to try a variety of appetizers on the menu and share them since they had lots of things that appealed to me. One of our favourite appies of the night were the pulled pork sliders. Three sliders came on a plate and the pulled pork was topped with BBQ sauce and gorgonzola coleslaw. The pork was very tender and the gorgonzola coleslaw gave it a great and unique flavor (don’t worry if you don’t like blue cheese it’s not very strong). Both of us are picky about the BBQ sauce we like but we both enjoyed the sauce on it which was sweet with a tangy aftertaste. These pulled pork sliders were executed well. Why don’t more restaurants offer pulled pork sliders?

Next up were the Steak bites which are little bite size pieces of steak covered in a sweet hoisin and ginger glaze with a side of spicy mustard to dip. These little bites are addictive! Every time we visit Prestons we always end up ordering them. The steak is always very tender and I love the sweet glaze they smother on it. The dip complimented the steak and was quite spicy. They give you a surprising amount of meat, it’s at least one small steak and all of the pieces are good quality with no fatty or grizzly pieces. This dish was Burger Knight’s favourite.

A dish that the waiter recommended was the Prawn Gyoza and Seared Scallops. I liked the size of the scallops because I don’t like the ones that are too big. They were seared so they were a bit crispy on the outside and tasted fresh. The gyoza were delicious and the prawn filling had some big chunks of prawns and tasted sweet. These aren’t like your traditional pork gyoza but I liked how they did something different and they tasted great.

One of the new menu items is the chicken karaage appetizer. It’s made with garlic sake marinated chicken, that is fried and coated in a light crispy batter and served with spicy sambal lime aioli and miso cabbage slaw. I love chicken karaage (who doesn’t?) and everything about this dish was delicious. The chicken was very moist and they used boneless chicken thighs instead of wings which I prefer because there is more meat, its more moist, and its easier to eat. The spicy sauce was great, it was almost a bit creamy and it was full of spice. The miso cabbage slaw was so refreshing and it balanced out the deep-fried chicken.

The last appetizer we ordered was the albacore tuna poke which is a special feature dish. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that’s like a salad made with chunks of raw fish. I was really excited to see a Hawaiian inspired item on their menu because I love Hawaiian food and it’s almost impossible to find any in Vancouver. This version was made with diced tuna, pineapple, avocado with some little sheets of dried seaweed and rice puffs on the side to scoop up the poke. The dish is served chilled and it had a sweet but salty flavor. The bits of tuna were big and fresh and the creamy avocado and sweet pineapple complimented the tuna well. If you come into Prestons in the near future and this is still on the menu I highly recommend this dish.

As if we didn’t already have enough food, Burger Knight wanted a steak and ordered the 7oz top sirloin with honey shallot jus and roasted fingerling potatoes. The steak came out grilled to perfection and it was juicy and a beautiful cut of meat. The roasted potatoes were seasoned nicely and the rest of the veggies were also tasty but we didn’t finish them all because by that time we were stuffed.

Overall we enjoyed everything we ate at Prestons. The food was unique and delicious and the service was excellent. I liked all of the appetizers and I would recommend coming here and trying a bunch to share. I find Prestons food better than other comparable places like Milestones and I’ve always had good experiences here.


Yes if you are looking for a  nice atmosphere and great appetizers and drinks.

Disclosure: I did not pay for my meal.

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