Kirin Mandarin Restaurant

It was my last week at my summer job and all of my coworkers offered to take me out for lunch. I love dim sum and Chinese food because it’s fun to eat and share with large groups so I originally suggested Shanghai Chinese Bistro. I had been there before and had good food so I wanted to try it again but apparently they have closed down. We decided to change the reservations to Kirin since it was just down the street. I enjoy going to Kirin but I find the service at this location bad. They are super slow and you have to ask them for everything. The inside of Kirin is very formal, nice, and clean. They have a large selection of dim sum items as well as larger dishes to share.

We decided to get a variety of dim sum items as well as some noodle and rice dishes to share between all 15 of us. The first item up were the BBQ pork buns. Pork buns are my guilty pleasure and one of my favorite dim sum items. I love these they were so amazing. The buns were very soft and melted in your mouth and there was a decent amount of pork filling inside. The filling had a nice flavor and it wasn’t too sweet like some buns are. This was one of my favourite dishes.

The pork dumplings had a nice crispy texture on the outside and they weren’t too thick. The pork mixture on the inside was really juicy. These were well executed dumplings and I enjoyed them.

Next up were the shrimp dumplings (sorry for the blurry photo). I don’t like shrimp dumplings that are too thick and sticky but these ones had a good consistency. The shrimp mixture inside tasted fresh and not too fishy like some of the cheaper stuff out there.

Another one of my favorite dim sum dishes is spicy wontons. There were tons of them in this dish and I liked the size of them. The sauce was nice and spicy and they were topped with green onions.

The last dim sum dish we ordered was steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This dish generally isn’t one of my favourite dim sum dishes because I find the rice can get too soggy. This version was pretty good and if you ate it fast the rice didn’t have time to get too soggy. I forget what the filling was inside of it but all you could really taste of the lotus leaf flavor.

We ordered a dish I had never tried before, crispy rice. I have always been curious about trying it and I was glad I finally got to. This version came in a soupy sauce (I’m not sure if they all do?) and it was topped with mixed seafood. The rice reminded me of rice krispies but I liked the crispy texture and the sauce tasted yummy. The downside was that if you didn’t eat it immediately the rice became soggy in the soupy sauce and was no longer crispy.

We ordered a chicken dish which was in a chili and garlic sauce. The sauce had a tangy but slightly sweet flavor and the pieces of chicken were large and tender. This dish was good but nothing exceptional.

The first noodle dish we ordered was beef, spinach, and mushrooms on top of crispy noodles. I’m obsessed with crispy noodles so I loved this dish. The noodles came out hot and crunchy but absorbed the sauce nicely and the beef topping was delicious. I liked the spinach on top too. This was my favorite noodle dish of the day.

My second favorite noodle dish were the flat rice noodles topped with a beef black bean sauce. The sauce was so tasty and there was tons of beef on top. The rice noodles were perfect for soaking up all of the yummy sauce and there was a slight smokey flavor in the dish which I really enjoyed. Everyone at the table liked these noodles a lot.

The last noodle dish we ordered was a pork chow mein. These were like your standard chow mein noodles. The dish was okay but a bit boring. This style of noodles isn’t my preference so I wasn’t crazy about it.

Overall I enjoyed the food and most of the dishes were delicious! The service however was underwhelming. At a table with 15 people they only gave us one pot of tea and we had to ask for another one and for refills constantly. I have been to the Kirin in Coquitlam and experienced way better service at that location and this location has been consistently bad. Service aside, I enjoyed my departing lunch and it was very kind of my coworkers to treat me to such great food.


Yes, for great Chinese food downtown.

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